AI-algorithms-socialmeida-DATA-predictions-ads movement (just more clicks)

Fake news on Twitter travels 6 times faster than true information. There is no value of truth for the algorithms, it's only about getting you to move faster on internet (and mostly on socials & Google). There's no consensus of truth within the algorithms because there is none within society. There is no one able to determinate truth with certitude, probably because it doesn't sale as much (does truth make money?). As Sean Cornell once explained, it is possible to use only part of the information available to achieve specific and profitable ends. For example, when it comes to quantum mechanics, we can use it for various purposes, but we still don't understand the essence of the phenomenon. He explained that it's like for most of us using a smartphone without understanding how it really works, without understanding the details of its programming and design. Therefore, we only use part of the Earth's data, a portion of the complete knowledge and understanding, and the use we make of it only serves certain immediate intended consequences. In this way, the rest of the body is put aside for the benefit of ends achieved in the immediate future. There is rationalization of the world and of knowledge in order to achieve specific goals more quickly and efficiently. What lies beyond the desired profits does not seem to have any interest in the eyes of our system.