Frontiers define the unity of the untamable multiplicity that is existence

There are multiple realms overlapping. Frontier draw the line between
here & beyond
time & eternity
unity & multiplicity

The being exists through the movements between dimensions
in/out, dream/reality, self/other, psychic/somatic, nature/culture, surface/depth, God/human, absurdity/meaning, full/empty, direction/loss, ĂȘtre/non-ĂȘtre, light/darkness, pleasure/suffering, open/closed, verbal/non-verbal...
Polarization is the tension that directs us, it is the very direction that we are bound to follow in this material incarnation, always drawn from one side to another.

Existence = tension
Death = rest

Existence finds its meaning through this constant dialog, within the link.
Perception constantly moves from one side to the other and we often lose sight of the frontier.
Sense of unity is reached by awareness of the multiple and its entanglement - of the movement between: synthesis.
Confusion is the loss inside the multiple, it is the inability to see the link that connects the apparent opposition.